x "This book is a delicious fusion of impeccable research, fine scholarship, and deep vision. Brunner effortlessly combines history with practise in a fascinating and compelling manner that will have you glued to every page. I could not put this book down, every chapter contains jewels of information that has opened a new and refreshing door onto an Alpine magical landscape that you will never forget. The inclusion of historical spells with instructions on how they can be replicated in a manner applicable to 21st-century practice is sheer genius. What you have in your hands is sure to become a classic of central European magical history and practice."
- Kristoffer Hughes, Chief of the Anglesey Druid Order, author of Cerridwen and The Book of Druidry

"An absolute treasure trove of historical magic, informed by a deep cultural understanding, this book is not to be missed. Rather than a dry recounting, the charms within are brought to life with suggestions for use today, as well as insights into the lives of those through whose words they were transmitted to us. An invaluable addition to any bookshelf, and certainly a work I will return to time and again."
-Moss Matthey, author of An Apostate's Guide to Witchcraft
"Brunner presents an in-depth historic, academic, and practical study of ancient and syncretic traditions from a region that has remained largely unexplored by the English-speaking world. The citations and analyses of the records of witchcraft trials provide the history and context for the cultural experiences of the Alpine peoples. The examination of the similarities and differences in beliefs and actions throughout the region demonstrate the academic value of Brunner's work, including to researchers in the Germanic diaspora. The uses, spells, and magical instructions serve as useful guides for the modern practitioner of magical systems, Germanic or otherwise. This is an excellent resource that is poised to serve as a reference point for Hexerei practitioners anywhere!"
-Robert Schreiwer, Heathen activist and manager of Huginn's Heathen Hof

"This is a fascinating book exploring court evidence of Alpine witchcraft. It's the most interesting witchcraft book I've ever read and is as likely to appeal to people interested in history and folklore as it is to practising witches."
-Nimue Brown, author of Spirituality Without Structure
Embark on a captivating journey into the mystical world of Alpine witches through this collection of authentic spells from the Austrian witch trials. With this spellbook, you can explore dozens of translated incantations from the fifteenth through nineteenth centuries alongside details captured in court records and suggestions for adapting the workings for modern practice.
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In the novel Amanita, we meet an innocent young man who is thrown into a world of mystery against his will. Plagued by a disease, his only hope lies in a peculiar woman, who comes to his village to offer him a fascinating but strange path forward. She undertakes hair-raising journeys into other realities and knows ancient secrets told from one generation to the next. Learning that path is not easy, especially if you are young and there are so many distractions. But fate will catch up with you. "Mountain Magic: Celtic Shamanism in the Austrian Alps" explores the traces the early Hallstatt Celts (and even older people) have left in lore and tradition in the Eastern Alps. This is a leisurely stroll through the mountains, building bridges to and finding parallels with lore found on the British Isles, and giving the reader ideas on how to weave these old traditions into modern magical practice.
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